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The Communications Workers of America represents 700,000 workers in private and public sector employment in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

CWA members work in telecommunications and information technology, the airline industry, news media, broadcast and cable television, education, health care and public service, law enforcement, manufacturing and other fields.



P.O. BOX 2378



President - Jennifer Henderson

Vice President - Greg Stevens

Secretary/Treasurer - Jonathan Greene

Chief Job Steward - Trevor Clark


Construction & Engineering Steward - Eric Decker (Buckhannon)

Central Office Steward - Erick Lipscomb (Sutton)

Mike Hurst - Philippi

Mike Johnson - Franklin

John Aman - Weston/Jane Lew

Travis Anderson - Elkins

Jimmy Radcliff - Buckhannon



RETIRED MEMBER COUNCIL - Richard Henderson - Frontier

Local Political Action Committee Coordinator, By Laws Committee, Webmaster, Mobilizer, Board of Directors for Good Connections, ACFC, WV CWA STATE COUNCIL

Jennifer Henderson - Frontier / Sutton, WV



Frontier-CWA West Virginia Coordinator

Employees & Retirees represented by CWA (Collective Bargaining Agreement 142)

Frontier-CWA West Virginia Coordinator Frontier Communications and Communications Workers of America are pleased to announce that the position of Frontier-CWA WV Coordinator within the CWA142 bargaining unit has been filled. The duties and responsibilities will be those of a CWA Health Care Benefits Coordinator (for active and retired employees), Training Liaison, and Advisory Council on Family Care Coordinator. Christina "Christy" Hayhurst has been designated to fill this position.

1-855-351-4856 (toll free)

304-424-9586 (office)

304-424-9567 (fax)

As the CWA Health Care Benefits Coordinator, Christy will be available to assist Frontier employees and retirees within the CWA142 bargaining unit with questions and/or problems regarding the Company's health care plans, including, but not limited to, Medical, Dental, Vision, and Sickness Disability. CWA142 bargaining unit members (active and retired) are encouraged to contact Christy for assistance related to benefits, Family Medical Leave Act, Care of Newborn Child/Gradual Return to Work, etc. As the CWA Training Liaison, Christy will chair the Training Advisory Council (TAC) and facilitate the programs of the Council. The TAC is a joint Frontier-CWA committee responsible for developing programs in the areas of employment security training and continuing education. As the CWA Advisory Council on Family Care Coordinator, Christy will chair the Advisory Council on Family Care (ACFC) and facilitate the programs of the Council. The ACFC will be a joint Frontier-CWA Committee focusing on family care assistance and education for represented employees. Christy Hayhurst CWA-Frontier Healthcare Benefits Coordinator TAC Coordinator and ACFC Coordinator Toll Free 1-855-351-4856 Office 304-424-9586 Fax 304-424-9567


District Vice President - Edward Mooney 215-546-5574


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