Please be advised that CBA 142 members who had an Empyrean card (the HRA cards we received with $850) are getting replacement cards, regardless of not having any money on there. Employees who participate in the FSA use the same card. Employees who had a $0 balance are still receiving cards. I have had multiple calls from employees asking questions about these cards. “Why am I getting these cards, I don’t have any money left on here?” “Did the company provide us more money? Is that we got new cards?” “I don’t have an FSA why do I have this card?”
The only reason they would need to keep the card or activate them is if they participate in the FSA.
According to Empyrean this is standard and is done automatically.
If you or an employee has any questions please let me know.
Stay Safe & Thank You
Christy Hayhurst
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