Just in case anyone needs it, here is the link to submit your receipt for reimbursement for boots.
login with corp email [email protected] and the password you created for the site.
Once into the site you will have to begin a new expense claim. At the top of the page click the 2nd link from the left “expense”
Once that tab opens up, click on create a new report
In the report name field type “boot reimbursement” (all other field will auto populate)
Click Next
On the next screen under option 9 (personal support) click boot reimbursement
The next screen will auto populate
Enter the transaction date, business purpose (boots), Vendor name (store you bought them from), City, payment type is automatically set to cash, enter the amount of reimbursement $150.00
Your Company, Operating area, main account, sub account, cost center should auto populate for you. IF you get an error that your GL code is not valid for your expense type you can change it to one of the following three to get it approved.
904 / 601 / 6534 / 000 / 231
904 / 601 / 6534 / 000 / 234
904 / 601 / 6534 / 000 / 233
You will also need to upload a copy of your receipt by click “attach receipt”
Once completed click save
On the next screen check the box for the expense that you want to complete and then click “submit report” (the red button at the top right of the page)
You should get a confirmation screen that your reimbursement has been submitted. It will appear on your paystub as “Boot Reimbursement”