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If you are COVID positive or come in contact with someone who is COVID positive here is the process.1. Call supervisor notify them you have came in contact with someone who is COVID positive. It is the supervisors responsibility to code you out and code your pay as COVID quarantined. It is also the supervisors responsibility to notify HR so they can code you and payroll correctly. The supervisor should notify dispatch of your absence, but a courtesy call to admin to let them know you will not be in due to COVID will be appreciated so they can block you out, along with dispatch. Do not take vacation or FMLA days for COVID related absences. Christy can double check to make sure you are coded correctly with HR.2. Get tested. Have the doctor give you paperwork to support your absence and quarantine period. If positive please notify any co workers that you have been in contact with so they can get tested also. Second hand exposures are not covered by the COVID policy. (Co workers wouldn’t be covered until you test positive).3. Code your time as excused paid 70834. If you and or co worker are positive the supervisor should get the office, tools, trucks etc. should be cleaned and disinfected.