Picket checks were mailed out today. Please cash or deposit ASAP Jeremy Kittle needs the bank processing done to turn in to district.

JP, Jennifer, and Jeremy have the $20 Kroger gift cards to get out to our members, they will be around to your picket line soon!

Insurance will be canceled 3/31/18. If you have a pre existing condition (cancer, heart issues, etc.) that will require frequent medical attention and it will be cheaper to be covered under cobra please notify a officer so we can work with you and district about getting you Cobra coverage.

If not individual medical medical bills can be submitted to district for payment.

PLEASE, if you can, get anything covered under our current insurance before the end of the month (medications, test, doctor, dental, eye care)

Please don’t take second hand information. Get it from the correct source. Officers, Mobilizers, bargaining committee, or the D 2-13 VP passing on all information possible. Please also be aware there are times we have to hold our cards and keep a poker face on until the right time. We are not withholding information. Sometimes there is nothing “new” or progress to report. Make sure you are attending your locals meeting (things can be discussed in person there), also make sure you are signing up for the town hall calls.

Mobile Picketing are running scabs away! We need more people out! Fuel is reimbursed!!! At least 2 people to a car. At least one CWA member and another person.

No more than 6 scheduled people per picket location.
Can not be within 10’ of a scab, Frontier doorway, Frontier entry.
Maintain safe following distance.
Document any irrational or illegal driving on scabs part and or other trying to prohibit your mobile picketing!

March 19, 2018 8:30 PM


The Union and Company Bargaining Committees met today. The Company provided a clarification to its March 16th settlement package. The Union Bargaining Committee has prepared a response that will be delivered at 8:30 AM tomorrow. The Union Bargaining Committee will remain available to meet 24/7 until a contract is reached. A strike report will be provided every night from now until the end of the strike.

We've got a new radio ad playing on stations across the state.

If you are a member who filed for unemployment. Don't forget to file your weekly certification for benefits every Sunday.