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*Exception to this rule is new hires with less than 2 years service

*You get 10 sick days per year

*The first 4 days do not count against you or towards the step process

*Days 5-10 count towards the step process (unless covered by FMLA)

*Days 5-10 can quickly move you through the step process

Day 5 = an occurrence

Day 6 (taken a month later) = Step 1 (compnay can hold you from transferring to another position) They have to be 6 months apart to prevent building the step process.

*If you have taken more than 3 days at a time, you can be moved through the steps rapidly.

Days 5&6 = Occurrence

Day 7 & 8 = Step 1

Days 9 & 10 = Step 2

*Anything after 10 sick days. You can take off but IF it is not covered by FMLA you can be put through the step process. The 1st 5 days will not be paid. After the 1st 5 days short term disability will kick in and you will be paid. 

Short term disability should be FMLA approved.

**Example: Break Arm - have not taken any sick days - STD should be covered by FMLA

First 5 days are paid sick days

Short Term Disability kicks in after 5 days and the STD days are paid

Leaves you with 5 sick days that are paid but counts against the step process.

*Example: Break Arm and you have taken 8 sick days (not on a step but you have an occurrence)

Days 1 & 2 are paid

Days 3-5 are not paid

After day 5 STD kicks in and you get paid