Duquesne Club Bargaining Report #4

Negotiations resumed today with an in-depth Medical Plan discussion with Highmark as a potential replacement for our current carrier “Cigna”.

Highmark representatives presented their Customized Blue Flex PPO plan design proposal for the Duquesne Club.

The Plan is similar to the Cigna plan with some improvements and at a reduced cost to both members and the Club.

The Bargaining Committee pressed Highmark in areas of their network, services and continuity of care should we agree to make this transition. Highmark Committed to being on-site at the Club to assist our membership in education, transition and expediting issues such as membership card, network, additional services and to address individual unique circumstances privately.

We are evaluating the Club’s proposal to move to Highmark October 1, the (reduced) cost impacts on the membership and protections during the term of the new agreement.

Bargaining is scheduled to resume Monday, September 24, 2018 and many issues are yet to be resolved.

Again, Don’t be shy; let ‘em know how important and serious you are in obtaining a good contract for you and your family.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Your Bargaining Team;

John Petrini CWA Staff Rep and Chair
Cindy Neumeyer, CWA 13500 P/W EVP
Marcy Mintz, CWA Chief Steward
Robin Bingle, CWA Member
Rick Devine, CWA Member

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