Organizing Win: Cricket Retail in Virginia

Less than six months ago, Sharita Bryant, Organizer for CWA 2222 was assigned to organize Cricket Wireless in VA. It being the only non-union Cricket store in VA, Sharita with dogged determination was committed to organizing them.

Through her organizing efforts she also gained a mobilizer, Jo. She would communicate weekly and sometimes meet up to talk about people's concerns. In her efforts she found out what the workers commonalities and concerns were The majority of the workforce either came from or used to work for Walmart. They didn't want to talk or ask any questions. The first week in April was the turning point, where Sharita just came off the ATTM picket line and reached out to Jo and asked how everything was but also mentioned how much the Union Cricket employees were making from the new contract. Jo immediately texted Sharita back and asked if they could signed up. Sharia went to the store to meet with the workers. Little did she know, all the employees were there with questions. She answered all of them, they did a huddle, and they all came to an agreement to sign up. It was unanimous.

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