Red Cross National Bargaining: March Update

The National Coalition Bargaining Committee met with the American Red Cross throughout the month, and meetings continue. CWA Local 13500 reports:

Your Coalition Bargaining Committee met with Red Cross last week and signed a tentative agreement on the Rest Breaks and Meal Period Article. They are meeting with Red Cross this week also.

Teamsters are bargaining in separate bargaining sessions with Red Cross since they have left the Coalition. They have submitted a 10-day intent to strike notice to Red Cross which would start on March 31, 2022. The extension that the Teamsters had in place to extend their contract expires on March 31st, so they are able to have a legal strike.

We support the Teamsters in their fight to achieve a fair contract with good wages and benefits. The Coalition has signed an extension agreement which keeps our contract in place until the end of May. The Coalition is required to have an extension in place in order to keep Teamcare health care for our members. We cannot legally strike while we have a contract in place. Our contract prevents us from going on strike with the Teamsters.

It is the responsibility of the Red Cross to provide a safe and secure work area for all of our members. If there are pickets at your work location and you are concerned about your safety, you should report the problem to your supervisor or charge and also to your local union for guidance.

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