Red Cross National Bargaining: May 2022 Update

The American Red Cross National Coalition reported on negotiations over the National Addendum:

The Red Cross bargaining committee and the Union bargaining committee met last week. The Union coalition is trying to finalize our health care proposal. We met with the plan Administrator's representing Steelworkers, UFCW and IBEW to find a plan that contains the comparable coverage at an affordable price. We will have the final health care proposal for the next bargaining meeting. Most of the time was spent in caucus to finalize proposals. Red Cross gave the committee a comprehensive proposal and a counter proposal on staffing and scheduling. The Unions gave a comprehensive proposal to the Red Cross. Our next bargaining date is on May 11th. We need every member's help to win a fair contract. 

Check out the full report and complete a staffing and worklife balance survey: PDF icon d213_arc_news_220502.pdf