It is with great excitement the Orange Bargaining Team can announce that we have a Tentative Agreement with AT&T Mobility. The Bargaining Team has met or exceeded all of our goals. We could not have done this without your support and mobilization. Details of the Agreement and the process of ratification will follow shortly. Thank you all again for standing with us through this process!

The latest bargaining information for Frontier Communications and the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.
As we continue bargaining, wages remain one of the last obstacles for a fair and equitable contract. We have been stuck on wages for a couple of weeks, but we are finally seeing the company moving in the right direction.
The Bargaining Team reports progress in a number of areas, including training language and mandatory summer overtime. Additional negotiation dates are being scheduled.
The Orange Bargaining Team reports progress on most issues important to all groups covered by the Orange Contract. The Team spent the last several months of bargaining focused on making improvements to just about every aspect of work lives, and they believe they are close to securing a contract that will do just that.
The latest bargaining information for the American Red Cross, Buzzfeed News, and the National Domestic Workers Alliance.
On Monday, at a White House event attended by CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris announced a program that will make high speed broadband more affordable for millions of Americans.
The Greenbrier Council of Unions announced that a 3-year Collective Bargaining Agreement with The Greenbrier Hotel has been ratified. The new agreement provides wage increases, health insurance benefits, and other enhancements.
American Red Cross workers and allies are rallying across the country this week to demand a fair contract. Frontline ARC workers are overworked and understaffed. They have endured cuts to health care, have been denied PPE, and have faced unsafe working conditions throughout the COVID pandemic.
First of all, the Bargaining Team realizes that this process has been a long and sometimes frustrating one for all of you. As we have stated many times, we are going to bargain as long as it takes to get a contract that you have earned and deserve. We are pleased to report that we continue to make significant progress at the bargaining table. Some important issues remain, but we are making improvements every day.
In the latest round of negotiations, the National Union Coalition worked to finalize a health care proposal. Please take a moment to complete the staffing and work life balance survey for the bargaining team.