It is with great excitement the Orange Bargaining Team can announce that we have a Tentative Agreement with AT&T Mobility. The Bargaining Team has met or exceeded all of our goals. We could not have done this without your support and mobilization. Details of the Agreement and the process of ratification will follow shortly. Thank you all again for standing with us through this process!

The latest bargaining information for Frontier Communications and the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.
As we continue bargaining, wages remain one of the last obstacles for a fair and equitable contract. We have been stuck on wages for a couple of weeks, but we are finally seeing the company moving in the right direction.
The Orange Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company every day, and unfortunately there is not a lot of positive movement to report. As we have said many times, Medical Benefits are a major issue. It is disgraceful that a company that makes so much money continues to offer benefits proposals that will raise costs for many members that need the benefits the most.
National Red Cross talks resumed this month. AT&T Mobility and DirecTV Orange Contract negotiations and mobilization continue. Members ratified new contracts with CCI-CLEC and INOVA, as well as an extension agreement with Frontier PA.
Your Bargaining Team continues to meet with the Company on a daily basis. As we have stated multiple times, we are engaged in discussions specifically related to each group in the Orange Contract. We also spend a significant amount of time working on the issues that affect everyone equally such as scheduling, medical and compensation.
We demanded stricter enforcement of laws meant to protect airport workers and the Department of Justice has responded, but federal law enforcement is still not doing enough.
The Committee reached an agreement on a 4 year contract. Improvements include the 4 year term and more. Plan to attend the detailed explanation and ratification vote on Thursday, February 24 at 6PM.
Bargaining resumed this week. Several sessions of both on and off table took place as the Bargaining Team tries to get to an agreement prior to the expiration of the contract at midnight on February 28, 2022.
After a bad start to bargaining this week, we did have some progress in more recent bargaining sessions. The progress is not nearly enough to get us to a contract. Medical benefits are still a real sticking point and we remain very far apart. In a world where we are dealing with a pandemic and the physical and emotional stress caused by the pandemic, the Company is trying to increase cost for benefits and medications.
Negotiations over the CLEC contract will continue as the expiration date (February 28) approaches.