It is with great excitement the Orange Bargaining Team can announce that we have a Tentative Agreement with AT&T Mobility. The Bargaining Team has met or exceeded all of our goals. We could not have done this without your support and mobilization. Details of the Agreement and the process of ratification will follow shortly. Thank you all again for standing with us through this process!

The latest bargaining information for Frontier Communications and the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.
As we continue bargaining, wages remain one of the last obstacles for a fair and equitable contract. We have been stuck on wages for a couple of weeks, but we are finally seeing the company moving in the right direction.
The Union Bargaining committee met with the Company again today. The Company responded to some of our proposals, but nothing they passed indicated that they intend to make the lives of their employees better. We had a lengthy discussion in regards to commissions declining year after year at the same time that AT&T continues to make massive profits.
Today's meeting was spent receiving and reviewing information from the company for our proposals on contract labor usage. Bargaining continues through the week.
Today concludes the first week of bargaining with AT&T Mobility, and the Bargaining Committee has addressed multiple issues already. We spent a significant amount of time on issues concerning Wireless Technicians working in hazardous conditions, scheduling for Call Center, Retail, and Work from Home. We addressed issues that apply to everyone including holidays and absence reporting.
Bargaining opened with AT&T Mobility and CCI. INOVA and National Red Cross talks continued this month. Contract expiration was extended with AT&T Legacy T and PIW, and three MOAs were reached with LifePath.
CWAers are showing their support for pro-worker candidates around the country.
Today, the Union discussed several items, including Call Center issues for Brick-and-Mortar locations as well as work from home issues.
Negotiations between CWA Local 13000 and CCI opened on Tuesday, Jan. 25 over the CLEC contract.
The Orange Bargaining Committee opened negotiations with AT&T bargaining committee for the AT&T Orange Contract that covers thousands of workers across the United States on Monday, January 24, 2022.