The agreement with CenturyLink in Virginia was ratified by the members of CWA Local 2204.
We are pleased to report the CWA and Frontier WV Inc. contract extension has been ratified by the bargaining unit.
CWA members are joining other workers at actions outside of all 100 U.S. Senators' offices this week to urge them to pass the PRO Act.
CWA and Frontier have agreed in principle to a two-year extension of the collective bargaining agreement covering employees in West Virginia and Virginia. The current agreement is set to expire August 7, 2021.
The Bargaining Committee reports substantial progress in many areas, but Comcast seems to have no interest in coming to terms on fair wages for South Hills members.
While the Bargaining Committee gained some ground in this fight, they report they are still far apart as Comcast continually undervalues our members' worth.
The Union Bargaining Committee, with input from Local Presidents, agreed to enter into limited negotiations aimed at an extension with Frontier.
Last night Comcast Alle-Kiske members ratified their new contract.
The CWA-IBT Association has decided to postpone opening the contract for bargaining until the airline is in a more stable position to avoid any unnecessary concessions.
For over a decade, CWA members in West Virginia and across our country have been fighting to protect the ability of working people to fully participate in our democracy.
There is a TA for the Comcast Alle-Kiske group. A comprehensive report on the changes to the contract will be distributed to the membership for review prior to the ratification meeting, which is scheduled for 6/16/21 at 7PM.