The CWA District 2-13 website has a new design and some menu changes to make the information our members need easier to find.
CWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney swore in the Local 2336 Executive Board Officers virtually.
A delegation of African American workers from the Communications Workers of America sent a letter to Lumen Technologies CEO Jeff Storey yesterday, asking that he designate the federal Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday for all Lumen workers.
The AFL-CIO's Union Veterans Council is launching a membership drive to build the ranks of union members who can advocate for the issues facing veterans.
The votes that we cast as union members will be crucial in ensuring we have pro-labor candidates elected at the local and state levels, all the way up to the White House.
The Bargaining Committee reached Tentative Agreements on proposals related to telephone concession allowances, meal and boot allowances, lay-off allowances and SIPP. Additional meetings to discuss wages and standby are being scheduled.
While progress was made by the Bargaining Team, they continue to remain far apart on other key proposals, which includes wages. CCI continues to submit proposals that will negatively impact the contract.
In the latest round of negotiations, the CWA Bargaining Committee reports it is still fighting CCI proposals that could have a negative impact on members' work life/home life balance. 
Comcast continues to push givebacks across the bargaining table to weaken our contract. The Union Bargaining Committee countered with proposals to improve shift bid opportunities, training, meal allowances, overtime and many other areas.
CCI had few answers again in the latest bargaining session, although the Bargaining Committee reports growing closer to proposed agreements on training, long term disability and supervisors performing bargaining unit work.
This month: Extensions were reached with the Community College of Baltimore and Link Comm. Red Cross members took action this summer for safety at work, and CCI negotiations opened. Comcast Alle-Kiske, MWAA and Nokia negotiations continued.