American Red Cross

At the first round of bargaining, the Coalition of ARC Unions demanded respect for frontline workers, safety and protection, and fair pay.
The Coalition of American Red Cross Unions agreed to extend the expiration date of the National Addendum and Local Agreements. Red Cross members are mobilizing ahead of negotiations.
This month: Extensions were reached with the Community College of Baltimore and Link Comm. Red Cross members took action this summer for safety at work, and CCI negotiations opened. Comcast Alle-Kiske, MWAA and Nokia negotiations continued.
Coalition of American Red Cross Unions spoke out in June to management about how members have been treated during the COVID-19 pandemic and to propose critical improvements.
The Union Coalition representing 4,500 workers at the American Red Cross reached a national tentative agreement late in the evening on August 30th, 2018. The Coalition successfully blocked proposed takeaways and made some important national gains.
The Union Coalition’s Bargaining Team has now received the Red Cross’s response to the comprehensive economic counter proposal made at our last national bargaining session (June 19-21), and it isn’t good. The Union Coalition remains UNITED!
The National Union Coalition met for the last scheduled national session with the Red Cross. The Union Coalition made progress on issues that affect our day-to-day lives, but management remains far from the union on where money should be invested.
At the national bargaining session on June 5-7, the Union Coalition ended negotiations with ARC Management after another week of no real progress.
The Coalition of Red Cross Unions discussed our national proposals to improve worker and donor safety, improve worker retention, decrease workforce turnover, and improve employees’ work-life balance.
The union coalition bargaining the American Red Cross National Addendum opened negotiations with over 35 Red Cross union members, union leaders, and union advisers sharing their personal experiences and their expertise.