American Red Cross

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the CWA Customer Service Newsletter!

American Red Cross Local Contract Tentative Agreement votes have been counted, and it has been ratified by the membership.

CWA Local 2201 is happy to announce that the bargaining team reached a tentative agreement on a Local contract with Red Cross. This is a first agreement and builds on much of the economic benefits bargained in the National Addendum.

August 2016 bargaining report from American Red Cross Mid-Atlantic (Virginia to NC) negotiations.

Members of the Red Cross coalition are encouraged to join one of two scheduled conference calls on Thursday, August 20, 2015.
CWA and the American Red Cross have reached the first-ever national tentative settlement covering some 4,000 workers at American Red Cross operations in 24 states, a positive step forward for Red Cross workers and the public.
Read the latest American Red Cross National Bargaining Update from June 18, 2015.
It's now or never. It's Sink Or Swim time to defeat Fast Track on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Call your Representative NOW: 888-966-9836
Results have been posted for national and district CWA officer elections. There will be a runoff election for District 3 Vice President.
Leaders from our eight unions of the Red Cross Union Coalition met with National Red Cross in Washington DC and reached an agreement to formally enter into national negotiations on some joint issues. This has been an involved process to begin negotiations because this is a significant step and we want to cover all details of what this means for every local union at the table.