American Red Cross

Sometimes. But you may have more protection than you think.
Thousands of progressive activists are rallying for Senate rules reform today, spreading the word about an important package of common sense reforms that will reduce opportunities for obstruction and end the silent filibuster.
CWA locals and members are known for their community support and generous spirit, not just during the holidays but year-round.
Thousands of CWA members are still without homes, electricity or suffering other hardships in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But help is on the way.
Join CWAers from around the country on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 pm, ET.
For Election 2012, the Communications Workers of America conducted an aggressive ?boots on the ground? outreach that helped re-elect President Obama and candidates who support working families, in critical battleground states.
Across the Eastern Seaboard, from North Carolina to New England, members from all of CWA?s sectors have been working tirelessly through Hurricane Sandy and its devastating aftermath. Many CWAers themselves are coping with tremendous storm damage, the loss of electrical power and telephone service and other hardships while stepping up to help restore their communities.
CWAers join other activists to rally around the U.S.
Locals interested in adopting a CWA family affected by Hurricane Sandy can email Secretary Treasurer Annie Hill at [email protected].