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CWA launched a campaign Tuesday to spotlight legislation incentivizing American corporations to keep call center jobs in the United States.
On August 11, 2012, working Americans will come to Philadelphia for the Workers Stand for America Rally to stand up for the middle class and urge all Americans, especially elected officials, to stand with us.
Register now for the CWA Customer Service Professionals Conference, Oct. 14-17 in St. Louis.
Tens of thousands of workers will unite on Aug. 11 in Philadelphia ? the birthplace of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights ? to demand economic freedom and opportunity for all.
CWA Customer Service Professionals will meet Oct. 14-17 in St. Louis.
Union leaders today launched a national campaign to refocus America's agenda on rebuilding economic opportunity for all.
Here is CWA?s statement on the Supreme Court affirming the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.
A new investigative report in today?s Washington Post highlights the fact that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney helped to usher in the detrimental practice of shipping call center jobs overseas. This news comes as the U.S. call center industry continues to shed jobs - this very day seven T-Mobile call centers facilities in six states are closing, affecting 3,300 American workers.
Workers at nearly every company know firsthand how U.S. corporations use delaying tactics to keep workers from making a fair choice about union representation. Today, the U.S. Senate upheld the very modest changes made by the National Labor Relations Board last year to ensure workers have fair and timely elections.
The winners of the 2012 Vincent & Patricia Maisano Scholarship are Jacalyn Ryback and Mitchell Zink.