AT&T Mobility

For the first time in a while, bargaining had some positive dialogue.

Two months into bargaining and more than a month after contract expiration, the Company shows no desire to bargain a fair and equitable contract for their employees.

As Bargaining continues, it is clear the company is standing behind their greedy demands, and they have no intention of compensating the employees that built the company.

The Union has filed an Unfair Labor Practice with the National Labor Relations Board to force AT&T to give us the information we have requested.

The Bargaining team continues to demand a fair contract at the bargaining table, but the Company’s actions are far louder than their words.

Bargaining continued today and some small improvements have been made including a tentative agreement on work boots for supply chain/warehouse workers.

As Bargaining continues, the Company’s response has been more of the same greed and stall tactics.

As negotiations continue, the Union stresses the improvements we need in the contract.

Bargaining resumed today, and we had extensive conversations about commissions.

Bargaining resumed today, and we had extensive conversations covering all issues.