AT&T Mobility

The Union also made proposals for improved monitoring language for Call Center and Retail workers. Several proposals were made by the Union for title/pay upgrades to make sure that our members who are being asked to do more are compensated for it.

After concluding the short week and a half break from the table, the Union and the Company resumed talks today.

The Union and company remain miles apart on all major issues. The company continues to make greedy and retrogressive demands despite their huge profits. The Union will not accept these demands and the discussions have become more contentious over the last several days.

The Union and the Company met today and the Company opened the meeting by outright rejecting many of our proposals including Job Security and also continued to state that they have no interest in bargaining commissions for Retail Stores, Cricket Stores and Tele-sales employees.

The Union and the Company met today and the Union passed proposals on job security, vacations, absence, transfer language, exchange time, holidays, benefits and basis of compensation.

We met with the company today and signed a temporary contract extension, so all the provisions of the contract remain intact while we continue to bargain.

The company wasted no time today showing their greed and hostility at the bargaining table.

Bargaining resumed today and the Union passed proposals on absence, benefits, job security and other language to protect our members and improve your working conditions!

The Union and company resumed bargaining today with both sides having multiple clarifying questions.

The Union passed many proposals today covering some of the most important issues for our members. We passed language in regards to wages, commissions, transfers, holidays, job openings, scheduling, call out and on-call pay, overtime and differential.