The Comcast Corliss and Nokia contracts were ratified by members! Current LifePath and PIW contracts have been extended. CenturyLink and Thryv are in negotiations. UPDATE: TA has been reached for CenturyLink!
The Local Bargaining Committee inches closer to a new agreement. The Team reports substantial progress on proposals that improve holiday language and call out procedures. Reach out to Local Reps to support the Committee.
The Bargaining Team reports progress on a number of issues, including training language, telephone concessions, and voluntary benefits program. Contact your Local Rep to support your Bargaining team!
A variety of issues were discussed at today's negotiations. The Bargaining Team pushed back on attacks to your bargained-for rights and presented an agenda that will bring improvements to the contract.
Contract negotiations with CenturyLink in PA opened this week. The Bargaining Team reports it has much work to do to deliver a fair contract to the Membership.
Bargaining has begun over the Bedford contract. Your Bargaining Committee has made it clear to CenturyLink that the Union will not accept retrogressive demands.
CWA Local 2204 Bargaining Team is pleased to announce a Tentative Agreement has been reached with CenturyLink in Virginia.
CWA Local 2204 reports negotiations with CenturyLink in Virginia begin on May 22, 2018.

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Team and CenturyLink reached a tentative agreement for the Butler, PA members today!