CWA activists are headed to spring training. Next month, 2,000 CWA activists will be attending training to lead nonviolent, direct protests aimed at reigniting the enthusiasm and passion of Occupy Wall Street and Wisconsin uprisings. CWA joins more than 60 progressive groups ? collectively called the 99 Percent Spring ? that will be training a total of 100,000 activists at 700 trainings in 48 states.
During CWA's union hall call on March 22, we heard reports from the National Day of Solidarity for Verizon Workers and we talked about the next step: participating in the 99 Percent Spring training program.
CWA Local 13000/CenturyLink Final Bargaining Report from 2011 Contract Negotiations.
CWA Local 13000 ? CenturyLink Contract Negotiations: November 1, 2011 Tentative Agreement Highlights (Contract Provision Changes and Modifications)
CWA Local 13000: CenturyLink Bargaining News dated Tuesday, October 25, 2011.