Across the Eastern Seaboard, from North Carolina to New England, members from all of CWA?s sectors have been working tirelessly through Hurricane Sandy and its devastating aftermath. Many CWAers themselves are coping with tremendous storm damage, the loss of electrical power and telephone service and other hardships while stepping up to help restore their communities.
CWAers join other activists to rally around the U.S.
Locals interested in adopting a CWA family affected by Hurricane Sandy can email Secretary Treasurer Annie Hill at [email protected].
Read The Patriot-News article from October 24, 2012 by Jeff Frantz titled "Bob Casey talks Medicare, taxes and free-trade agreements to group in Hershey" about Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey's speech at the CWA District 2-13 Conference.
CWA activists have leafleted over 700 worksites with election materials.
Workers who have been ?Bained? and lost their jobs when Bain Capital, formerly headed by presidential candidate Mitt Romney, took over their company, are on a bus tour to tell everyone just what a Romney economy promises for the future: lost jobs, lost health care, lost pensions and lots of outsourcing and offshoring.
CWA bargaining continues at CenturyLink, AT&T Mobility, the New York Times, and Frontier Communications.
CWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney joined activists in leafleting the 600 CWAers who work at two Verizon customer service centers outside Richmond, Va., on Oct. 10.
Elections are about choices.
October 2, 2012 Post from CWA's Blog Resistance Growing.