CenturyLink VA bargaining sessions are scheduled in June and the contract's expiration date extended. Negotiations with Comcast over the Alle-Kiske contract continue. Tentative Agreements were reached with the State of Delaware and ITS. By mutual agreement, LifePath negotiations are on hold.
The Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement with ITS this afternoon. ITS members' ratification ballots are due no later than 5/28/2021.
The Bargaining Team for CenturyLink VA negotiations is gearing up. Negotiations with Comcast over the Alle-Kiske and South Hills contracts continue. The Greenbriar Bargaining Team extended the current CBA for one year, and the ITS contract expiration date has been extended as negotiations opened.
The Bargaining Committee reports that they are quickly moving closer to an agreement as the pace of bargaining has picked up. Negotiations resume next week.
CWA and ITS opened bargaining with an exchange of initial proposals to amend the current CBA. We are pleased to report that our initial discussions were cordial, frank and all business.
Comcast Alle-Kiske and South Hills contracts are in negotiation as the Bargaining Committees fight the company’s demands for givebacks. The contract with ITS has been extended as negotiations continue. MWAA and PIW negotiations continue.
The CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Committee reached an agreement to extend the current ITS contract through May 30, 2021. Negotiations continue.
CWA District 2-13 and Local 13500 are pleased to announce a Tentative Agreement has been reached on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with ITS in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area.

The ITS bargaining unit - part of Local 13500 - overwhelmingly ratified their contract!

Bargaining update from last week's ITS (Local 13500) negotiations dated May 9, 2016.