Local 13000

The Bargaining Team reported progress in two areas, but there is much to be done. Negotiations continue through the week.
At the latest meeting, contract labor was discussed, as well as proposals for cleaner facilities and allowances for apparel. Negotiations continue.
At today's meeting the team gained some ground on tools and investigated contracting concerns. Negotiations continue through the week.
Today's meeting was spent receiving and reviewing information from the company for our proposals on contract labor usage. Bargaining continues through the week.
Negotiations between CWA Local 13000 and CCI opened on Tuesday, Jan. 25 over the CLEC contract.
The Bargaining Committee will resume negotiations in January. The current agreement has been extended through March 2022.
The latest bargaining information for the American Red Cross.
The National Coalition of Unions addressed hours of work, staffing, overtime and premium pay, and healthcare, among other issues.
The CWA Lumen - CenturyLink - Bargaining Team met with the company to negotiate the terms of the recently announced COVID vaccine mandate.
In the latest issue of The Pulse, the Coalition covers the latest on the fight for health insurance. Bargaining continues this month.