Local 13000

National Red Cross, INOVA, Newtown Township firefighter, and PIW talks continued this month. MWAA remains at impasse. TA’s were reached with Comcast South Hills and Windstream.
After nearly a year of fighting with the company the Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement. Watch for a detailed contract explanation and the date of the explanation/ratification vote meeting.
In the latest issue of The Pulse, the Coalition reports that Red Cross refused to hear members' immediate issues, like break time and short-staffing. Bargaining resumes in October.
The Bargaining Committee reached a TA in principle. Each member will receive an explanation along with a secret ballot. Explanation meetings are being set up for members.
The Bargaining Team reached agreements on a number of issues but still have BIG fights ahead on benefits and wages. Prepare to mobilize and take action!
The Bargaining Team were in negotiations throughout the week and report progress in many areas. Bargaining will resume next week.
Negotiations with Windstream opened this week. After two days of bargaining and reviewing company proposals, the Committee reports there is a lot of work ahead at the bargaining table.
At the first round of bargaining, the Coalition of ARC Unions demanded respect for frontline workers, safety and protection, and fair pay.
The Coalition of American Red Cross Unions agreed to extend the expiration date of the National Addendum and Local Agreements. Red Cross members are mobilizing ahead of negotiations.
The company remains resistant to reaching a fair resolution to the issues on the table. Mobilization efforts are underway.