Local 13000

The Bargaining Team was met with resistance after they offered fair proposals to solve outstanding issues on the table. Bargaining resumes tomorrow.
Talks opened with INOVA. Comcast South Hills negotiations continue, as do PIW talks while the current CBA remains in effect. CenturyLink VA and Frontier WV members ratified their Agreements.
Several meetings via phone have taken place in an effort to come to an agreement on the final issues open at the Comcast South Hills table.
Talks opened with Frontier. America Air negotiations have been postponed, and MWAA is at impasse. Comcast South Hills negotiations continue. CenturyLink VA has a TA, and Comcast Alle-Kiske and Community College of Baltimore contracts were ratified!
The Bargaining Committee reports substantial progress in many areas, but Comcast seems to have no interest in coming to terms on fair wages for South Hills members.
While the Bargaining Committee gained some ground in this fight, they report they are still far apart as Comcast continually undervalues our members' worth.
Last night Comcast Alle-Kiske members ratified their new contract.
There is a TA for the Comcast Alle-Kiske group. A comprehensive report on the changes to the contract will be distributed to the membership for review prior to the ratification meeting, which is scheduled for 6/16/21 at 7PM.
The company continues to make unacceptable wage proposals, while the Union presented a proposal designed to bring us to a settlement. Negotiations continue.
CenturyLink VA bargaining sessions are scheduled in June and the contract's expiration date extended. Negotiations with Comcast over the Alle-Kiske contract continue. Tentative Agreements were reached with the State of Delaware and ITS. By mutual agreement, LifePath negotiations are on hold.