Local 13000

The Bargaining Team made progress on many issues, including wages, but still need to resolve a couple of items before they can bring the contract to the Membership for a vote.
The Bargaining Team for CenturyLink VA negotiations is gearing up. Negotiations with Comcast over the Alle-Kiske and South Hills contracts continue. The Greenbriar Bargaining Team extended the current CBA for one year, and the ITS contract expiration date has been extended as negotiations opened.
Negotiations were again devoted to discussions over wages, both at the table and off. The Team is still waiting for the company's responses. Get ready to mobilize!
The company proposed a wage package that is unacceptable today. The Bargaining Committee reminded the company that the Union is serious about bargaining a fair contract. Negotiations continue.
The Bargaining Team spent most of today's session discussing wages and forced summer overtime hours. Check in with your Local Rep for the latest news.
The topic of today's session was wages. The Bargaining Committee offered a new wage package that is designed to meet the needs of all members.
Today the Bargaining Team worked on wages and improvements to mandatory summer overtime guidelines. The Team won’t stop until they have a fair contract to deliver to the membership!
The Bargaining Team spent much of the day asking for explanations of company proposals and rejecting company attacks on the contract.
The Bargaining Team presented new proposals to protect the contract where the company looks to strip bargaining rights. Now is the time to mobilize!
The Bargaining Team interrogated Comcast over givebacks it is seeking, ending with many questions still left unanswered. The Team will continue to the fight for a fair contract.