CWA Endorses Terry McAuliffe for Governor and Urges you to Vote Early!

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We can count on Terry McAuliffe to support working people and keep Virginia on track for a strong recovery from the pandemic. He is a proven leader who has a clear record of creating jobs and making life better for working families in Virginia.

CWA is also proud to endorse Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor and Mark Herring for Attorney General. See House of Delegates endorsements here. (You can click here to find your district.)

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CWA for Terry McAuliffe

As Governor, Terry McAuliffe will:

  • Work to expand workers’ rights, including collective bargaining for corrections officers and all public sector workers
  • Fight to stop jobs from leaving Virginia
  • Make sure Virginians have access to paid time off when they are sick or need to care for family members


Who Is On Our Side?

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On Jobs:

Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe has a record of creating good-paying jobs and expanding economic opportunity in Virginia. As Governor from 2014-2018, Terry brought 1,100 businesses and more than 220,000 good-paying jobs to Virginia, driving down unemployment and raising personal income.

As our next Governor, we can count on him to pass legislation requiring employers to report when they outsource Virginia call center jobs. [CWA Town Hall, 8/17/21]

Terry has committed to expanding broadband access so more Virginians have the high-speed internet connections they need for work and school.

He has also committed to raising the minimum wage and supporting Virginia families with paid sick and family leave.

Glenn Youngkin

During his tenure as co-CEO of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group, Youngkin oversaw investments that, according to US News and World Report, moved thousands of “American jobs offshore.”

When Youngkin was president and Chief Operating Officer, the Carlyle Group bought a controlling stake in a call-center outsourcing company based in China called VXI Global Solutions, LLC. VXI staffed approximately 3,000 AT&T call center jobs in the Philippines that displaced CWA-represented jobs in the US, turning a profit for Youngkin and his wealthy clients.

Despite the harm to thousands of AT&T workers who have lost good jobs, Youngkin is proud of his track-record of sending American jobs overseas, saying at a campaign event, "I will never walk away from anything I did in my business career."


On Unions:

Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe reversed anti-union policies that prevented CWA from organizing more correctional officers. Now, CWA represents more workers in Virginia. [CWA Town Hall, 8/17/21]

As our next Governor, Terry will fight to expand collective bargaining rights to all public workers and invest in broadband while protecting our jobs.

Glenn Youngkin

Youngkin serves on the National Council of the extreme anti-union American Enterprise Institute, which called unions “outdated organizations that will become increasingly irrelevant.”

Youngkin’s anti-union record is clear: Under his leadership, Carlyle purchased Signode, an Illinois-based manufacturing plant, for $3.91 billion in 2015, and ended collectively bargained lifetime healthcare benefits for its retirees and families. Youngkin fought lawsuits by the union employees, resulting in the US Supreme Court ruling that Signode had to continue paying employees the benefits agreed to in their union contract. Talking about his record as corporate CEO, Youngkin even said: “I will own everything that happened at Carlyle.”


CWA Endorsements

Governor: Terry McAuliffe
Lieutenant Governor: Hala Ayala
Attorney General: Mark Herring

House of Delegates. Click here to find your district!
2nd: Candi King
7th: Derek Kitts
9th: Bridgette Craighead
10th: Wendy Gooditis
11th: Sam Rasoul
12th: Chris Hurst
13th: Danica A. Roem
14th: Rhett Dietz
15th: Emily Scott
16th: Chance Trevillian
18th: Douglas Ward
21st: Kelly Convirs-Fowler
25th: Jennifer Kitchen
27th: Debra Gardner
28th: Joshua Cole
29th: Delmara "Deetzie" Bayliss
30th: Annette Hyde
31st: Elizabeth R. Guzman
32nd: David A. Reid
34th: Kathleen J. Murphy
35th: Mark L. Keam
36th: Kenneth R. "Ken" Plum
38th: Kaye Kory
39th: Vivian Watts
40th: Dan I. Helmer
41st: Eileen Filler-Corn
42nd: Kathy K. L. Tran
43rd: Mark D. Sickles
44th: Paul E. Krizek
45th: Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
46th: Charniele L. Herring
47th: Patrick A. Hope
48th: Richard C. "Rip" Sullivan
49th: Alfonso H. Lopez
50th: Michelle Lopes-Maldonado
51st: Briana Sewell
52nd: Luke E. Torian
53rd: Marcus B. Simon
55th: Rachel Levy
57th: Sally Hudson
58th: Sara Ratcliffe
59th: Benjamin Moses
62nd: Jasmine Gore
63rd: Lashrecse Aird
65th: Caitlin Coakley
66th: Katie Sponsler
67th: Karrie K. Delaney
68th: Dawn Adams
69th: Betsy B. Carr
70th: Delores McQuinn
72nd: Schuyler T. Vanvalkenburg
73rd: Rodney T. Willett
74th: Lamont Bagby
75th: Roslyn Tyler
76th: Clint Jenkins
77th: Cliff Hayes
78th: Melanie Cornelisse
79th: Nadarius Clark
80th: Don Scott
81st: Jeffrey Feld
85th: Alex Q. Askew
86th: Irene Shin
87th: Suhas Subramanyam
89th: Jerrauld C. "Jay" Jones
90th: Angelia Williams Graves
92nd: Jeion A. Ward
93rd: Michael P. Mullin
94th: Shelly A. Simonds
95th: Marcia S. "Cia" Price
96th: Mark C. Downey
99th: Linwood Blizzard II
100th: Finale Norton