Duquesne Club Bargaining Report #3

Negotiations resumed today with your Bargaining Team receiving some initial responses from the Club on your proposals.

  • The Club rejected our Wage Proposal “format” and will provide a counter proposal as the Contract starts to come together.
  • The Club rejected our Premium Pay Proposal.
  • The Club showed some interest in 401K improvements, but was not specific.
  • The Club indicated interest in improving the Shoe allowance and including additional titles.
  • The Club also rejected our Work Week Build Up proposal.
  • Agreement was reached on the Safety committee and 4th floor Bar.
  • We also had a high Level review of the Health Plan alternatives. A more detailed meeting is set for Friday.

We will continue to press the Club to address the issues that our CWA Membership has deemed to be necessary for a fair and comprehensive agreement.

Don’t be shy; let ‘em know how important and serious you are in obtaining a good contract for you and your family.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Your Bargaining Team;

John Petrini CWA Staff Rep and Chair
Cindy Neumeyer, CWA 13500 P/W EVP
Marcy Mintz, CWA Chief Steward
Robin Bingle, CWA Member
Rick Devine, CWA Member

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