Organizing Update


Last week, digital employees of TIME requested voluntary union recognition, seeking union protection and equity with the magazine's print employees. Although the publication has been represented by the NewsGuild-CWA for nearly 80 years, the former owners of Time Inc. kept employees they identified as "digital" out of the bargaining unit.

"For years, the publication has operated as a two-tier system, whereby the print staff has the protection of our Collective Bargaining Agreement and the digital staff does not," said Leslie Dickstein, Unit Chair of the publication. "This is an artificial and outdated divide. We believe every worker at TIME deserves the benefits and protections of a union contract. We couldn't be happier to stand with our digital colleagues in requesting voluntary recognition and joining us as Guild members."



Fighting back against anti-union tactics from the company, two groups of workers at telecom company Altice in Logan and Beckley, W. Va., voted for union representation with CWA over the past two weeks.

Workers in Logan endured captive audience meetings, in some cases running as long as three hours, twice a week. In these meetings, workers challenged management and the anti-union consultant on the truthfulness of their claims. The workers never wavered in their support for each other and pursuit of having a union.

In Beckley, despite having to sit through captive audience meetings full of lies and half-truths, workers prevailed in the election for union representation. In order to support the efforts of their colleagues, techs from Logan spoke with the techs from Beckley and shared their experiences with the company's lies at the captive audience meetings they had the week before.

Workers at Altice in West Virginia never wavered in their support for each other and pursuit of having a union.

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