It is with great excitement the Orange Bargaining Team can announce that we have a Tentative Agreement with AT&T Mobility. The Bargaining Team has met or exceeded all of our goals. We could not have done this without your support and mobilization. Details of the Agreement and the process of ratification will follow shortly. Thank you all again for standing with us through this process!

The latest bargaining information for Frontier Communications and the Psychiatric Institute of Washington.
As we continue bargaining, wages remain one of the last obstacles for a fair and equitable contract. We have been stuck on wages for a couple of weeks, but we are finally seeing the company moving in the right direction.
The Committee reports meaningful conversations with the Company for the first time in 2 weeks. Bargaining continues through the week.
The Union Bargaining Committee continues to meet with the Company every day. Today, the company passed one of the most offensive and concessionary proposals we have seen from them in many years. After your bargaining team expressed their outrage at the Company’s proposal, the Company immediately withdrew their concessionary proposal.
National Red Cross bargaining resumed this month. The National Coalition reports that they are closing in on the final issues on the table.
After three weeks of bargaining, the Union and the Company remain far apart on many major issues. Your Bargaining Team will not settle for a deal that we do not believe is fair and equitable, so we have agreed to a two-week contract extension. We believe that AT&T could have easily reached a deal within the last two weeks, we are not asking for anything unreasonable or undeserved.
Over the past two days of negotiations, the company has provided nothing useful related to contract labor and today passed an economic proposal that falls FAR FAR short of acceptable. Bargaining resumes next week. Be prepared to display your UNITY!
Today, labor unions representing tens of thousands of airport passenger service agents are urging President Biden and other administration officials to address the increase in assaults at airports through more effective federal enforcement of existing laws against assaulting airport customer service representatives and gate agents.
Bargaining has continued everyday this week and with just a couple days until expiration, we remain far apart on many key issues. While there has been some progress, the Union Bargaining Committee has submitted multiple proposals that have gone unanswered.
The Bargaining Team discussed local issues and presented a wage proposal today. Negotiations continue through the week.