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American Airlines Bargaining Update: March 2023

16 Mar, 2023

The CWA-IBT Association Bargaining Committee reports:

Our CWA-IBT Association Bargaining Committee met with American Airlines management last week in our sixth round of bargaining for a new contract.

The two sides exchanged proposals on the following articles:

Article 7, Overtime-Reservations
Article 9, Filling of Vacancies
Article 12, Reductions in Force
Article 25, Grievance Procedure
Article 26, System Boards of Adjustment
Article 30, Safety and Health

The bargaining has been difficult because our Bargaining Teams are fighting for improvements in these articles, but the company is standing their ground. Nonetheless, the two sides reached tentative agreements on Article 12, Reductions in Force and Article 30, Safety and Health.

To make real gains at the bargaining table, we must increase the pressure on the company. How do we do that? Members at every station and center must show unity and solidarity with the Bargaining Teams. It's the only way to move the company on the issues that are important to members, like giving us the work-life balance that we all deserve.

Check in with your stewards or local officers to find out about mobilization actions at your station or center. And share your Solidarity Selfies and group pictures with us at We'll post them on

Our next round of bargaining will take place April 4-7.

Profit-Sharing Update

For the purpose of determining profit-sharing payments, the quarter ending this month (March 2023) will replace last year’s first quarter, when there was no profit for the Company. American Airlines reports that it is on track to see a profit in Q1 this year and final numbers will be calculated for profit sharing soon, with a possible payout in May 2023. However, employees should be aware that no specifics have been decided yet, and CWA-IBT will provide more information as soon as it is available.

Our Bargaining Teams met up with the bargainers for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) last week in Dallas. They have been in bargaining for three years and just gave their economic proposal to the company last week. We agreed to support each other as we fight for fair contracts for agents and flight attendants at AA.

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