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American Red Cross (NEPA Region) Bargaining Agenda

11 May, 2010

1. Provide a General Wage Increase to reflect productivity gains and the increase in Cost of Living in each year of the contract.

2. Improve overtime treatment

3. Upgrade for Apheresis Technician

4. Provide for Additional MUA's at Certain Work Sites

5. Establish minimum pay rate for attending mandatory meetings

6. Establish minimum "down" time

7. Improve the premium pay treatment for work on Weekends

8. Increase amount of time jobs are posted.

9. Count PTO Time in Workweek Buildup.

10. Increase number of PTO days

11. Return 401(k) match.

12. Provide time for Union Orientation.

13. Shorten probationary period.

14. Discuss "4 for 40" tour.

15. Establish incentive for exceeding collection goals.

16. Improve Bereavement language.

17. Increase uniform allowance.

18. Increase Preceptor Pay

19. Provide premium pay (1 ½ X) for work on unscheduled tour with less than 48 hours notice.

20. Modify language related to Interpreter

21. Provide a limit to mandatory overtime during each work week. (struck from list)

22. Renew appropriate Letters of Agreement.

23. Increase the guaranteed workweek from 38 to 40 hours.

24. Improve Pension Language.

25. Guarantee one-half hour meal break during each workday.

26. Guarantee no work on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

The Union reserves the right to add to, delete from, and modify its bargaining agenda.

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