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ARC National Addendum Bargaining News: 11-01-2021

01 Nov, 2021

In the November 1 issue of The Pulse, the National Coalition reports:

During this pandemic, most employers are rewarding and trying to retain frontline workers. But not Red Cross. They want to increase the amount we pay for our health insurance, but we won't know how much that cost will be.

Your Union coalition made a proposal at the table that Red Cross absorb the increase to our insurance and keep union members' out of pocket costs for healthcare the same for 2022. Red Cross has not responded.

In the middle of a global pandemic, the Red Cross will not say whether or not they will guarantee us stability in our healthcare costs.

In addition to going without pay due to repeated quarantines, exposure to COVID, low wages, and short staffing, now the Red Cross wants to mess with our healthcare?

We say NO. Hands OFF our Healthcare! We stand against highter healthcare costs for frontline workers and that means:

  • No change to our healthcare plan
  • No dividing us against each other by putting new hires into a higher cost healthcare plan

Don't even try it, Red Cross: HANDS OFF OUR HEALTHCARE!

Find out this month's mobilization activities and read The Pulse newsletter in full: 

The next bargainng sessions will be in Washington, DC on November 9-11.

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