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Bargaining Update: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette June Update

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Gannett, and Insider

Late Thursday, the White House offered support for NewsGuild-CWA members who have been on unfair labor practice strikes across the country this month. Hundreds of journalists have been on strike at different outlets, including Insider and two dozen Gannett newsrooms, while journalists, mailers, advertising salespeople, and accounts receivable workers at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette remain on strike. 

In a statement provided exclusively to the Insider Union’s strike publication Business Outsider, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre threw the administration’s support behind recent newsroom unfair labor practice strikes breaking out in local newsrooms and digital outlets. “Across the country, we’ve seen a historic wave of newsrooms demanding fair pay and benefits. This week alone, journalists at Gannett, Insider, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette remain on strike,” said Jean-Pierre. “All workers deserve a voice in the workplace, and journalists are no different.”

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