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Bargaining Updates Around CWA - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and more

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Members of the Newspaper Guild-CWA of Pittsburgh (TNG-CWA Local 38061) have filed a formal grievance against the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for its use of an artificially generated illustration in January. This latest affront to workers comes in the second year of the longest ongoing strike in the U.S. The strike began over the loss of healthcare for workers, bad-faith bargaining, and unilateral cuts to their collective bargaining agreement.

“That they’ve resorted to the use of inferior, AI-generated images rather than custom art by a staff illustrator shows how little they must value the talent of their guild staff,” said Jen Kundrach, a Post-Gazette page designer and illustrator on strike. “They’d rather squander that talent and put out a subpar newspaper than come to the table and reach a fair agreement with us.”


City of New York

The City of New York has reached an agreement with CWA Local 1180 regarding fair pay for its 911 operators, who were being forced to work 40 hours a week while only being paid for 35 hours. According to CWA Local 1180 President and Northeast Region At-Large Executive Board Member Gloria Middleton, “This new deal provides the higher compensation they deserve and allows them the opportunity to work a compressed week that could better suit their families.”

Better pay and more schedule flexibility are expected to improve employee retention and the efficiency of emergency services.



After 20 months of bargaining, PEN Guild (TNG-CWA Local 32035) members won a tentative agreement with Politico management for a transformative, three-year contract. The agreement ensures better working conditions, higher wages, and great benefits for Politico and E&E News journalists. Highlights include protections from AI, a salary floor of $75,000 for reporters and $63,000 for producers, a six percent raise in the first year of the contract, and 24 weeks of paid parental leave.


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