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Bargaining Updates Around CWA - United Airlines, New York Times, and more

United Airlines

Last week, thousands of AFA-CWA United Flight Attendants, members, and allies picketed at 19 airports worldwide to demand United management negotiate a industry-leading contract without delay.

Like workers across the country, United Flight Attendants are fed up with management’s greed. There’s always money for C-Suite raises, but it’s penny-pinching for the 26,000 Flight Attendants who make the airline fly. At a time of record revenue, management’s public comments don’t match the reality at the negotiating table.

Flight Attendants are United and ready to do whatever it takes for a contract now!

United Airlines Day of Action


New York Times Tech Guild

New York Times Tech Guild Picket Scabby

Scabby the Rat joined the rally as members of the Times Tech Guild (TNG-CWA Local 31003) walked off the job in protest of the New York Times’ flagrant disregard for their rights as union members.

Members of the Times Tech Guild (TNG-CWA Local 31003), the largest union of tech workers with collective bargaining rights in the country, walked off the job on Monday afternoon in protest of the New York Times’ flagrant disregard for their rights as union members. Times management has continually attempted to coerce members to comply with its unlawful return-to-office policy. The Tech Guild is in the process of negotiating its first contract.

“The Times is now not only refusing to recognize our rights to bargain on return to office but is now going a step further and using it as a tactic to intimidate us,” said Kathy Zhang, unit chair for the Tech Guild. “This afternoon's work stoppage is to send The Times' senior leadership a strong, unmistakable message: We will not stand by and allow you to trample on our rights.”

Times management has fought the Tech Guild every step of the way since they first announced their intention to be a union in 2021. It’s a pattern of behavior by the company; that’s one of the reasons why the Tech Guild is bringing attention to their contract fight to the public with their walkout.



Workers at Scholastic, the children’s publishing powerhouse, walked out yesterday in protest of the billion-dollar company’s refusal to pay its workers fair wages. The workers are members of the Scholastic Union (The NewsGuild of New York/TNG-CWA Local 31003).

“What we are asking for, from a billion dollar company, is enough to live on as employees,” said Sandra Roldan, a member of the Scholastic Union. “We have members who have had to use their retirement savings to keep up with the inflationary costs and rent increases since the pandemic. That’s unacceptable for a company who professes to be dedicated to the ‘highest quality of life in community and nation.’”

The union’s last collective bargaining contract with Scholastic expired in May 2022. Employees have been bargaining with the company since last October.


America’s Test Kitchen

Members of CWA Local 1400 who work at America’s Test Kitchen’s mobilized for an informational picket outside America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) headquarters in Boston on Tuesday to shed light on stalled contract negotiations with ATK leadership.

“We’ve made some progress negotiating our first contract, but there has been little movement on much-needed salary increases,” said Lauren Robbins, a senior print production specialist at ATK and member of CWA Local 1400. “Most of us are working our dream jobs, but for some, the financial compensation is a nightmare. I’m here to fight for everyone to be paid what they are worth.”

Along with fighting for fair pay, union representatives have been negotiating to address expensive health care costs, commuting costs, understaffing, high turnover, and other working conditions that ATK had failed to effectively address.

America's Test Kitchen Info Picket 
CWA Local 1400 members at America’s Test Kitchen mobilized for an informational picket on Tuesday - in person and online - to shed light on stalled contract negotiations with ATK leadership.  
America's Test Kitchen Virtual Picket


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