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Boarman Nomination as Public Printer Cleared for Senate Action

The nomination of William Boarman, president of CWA's Printing, Publishing & Media Workers Sector, to become the nation's next Public Printer was approved by the Senate Rules Committee and sent to the full Senate.

Upon confirmation by the Senate, Boarman would serve as the chief executive officer of the Government Printing Office, which publishes thousands of documents every year for the federal government.

Boarman was nominated by President Obama in April but his nomination has been slowed because of the Senate's broken procedures. Filibusters by Republican leaders and secret holds by anonymous senators attached to nominees at every level have virtually brought the process to a halt. Usually, all but the highest level of presidential nominees have been confirmed by unanimous consent in the Senate, but unanimous consent is nearly impossible in this Congress and an objection by a single senator requires a cloture vote to cut off debate.

CWA President Larry Cohen said CWA's legislative staff worked hard to get the nomination cleared by the Senate Rules committee. "We celebrate not only the vote for Bill, but our growing legislative and political clout and work," he said.