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Climate Reality 2024 Bargaining Report #3

On Monday, March 11, the Climate Reality Bargaining Committee reported:

The Union and the Employer met again today. Climate Reality reviewed their counter proposals on the grievance and arbitration procedures, forming a Labor/Management Committee, Successorship and No Strike-No Lockout. 

The Union initiated discussions on the DRG study and how that impacts compensation and the job descriptions bargaining unit members hold. This led to the Union questioning Climate Reality about the promotion process that both management and employees should follow.  CWA also provided an individual example of how it doesn’t seem to be working. 

One of the top issues (after compensation) that came up in the members surveys we recently received from you all is creating a clear, concise, and transparent promotion process. For example, there are issues with bargaining unit members absorbing work from a position that has been vacated but receiving no additional compensation for it. As such, we felt it important to bring this issue up with the Employer for additional discussion.

Several of our questions required Climate Reality to have to check further and provide us with answers at later date. We meet again next Friday, March 15th.


Your CWA Bargaining Team,

Ella Carlson; Sena Wazer; Vivienne Maxwell; Julia Ridgely and Lisa Fazzini