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CWA & AVAYA 2023 Bargaining Report #7

On September 20, 2023, the AVAYA Bargaining Committee reported:

With just four days remaining in the current contract extension, it is high time we bring you up to speed on the ongoing negotiations with Avaya. Let us make one thing abundantly clear: the Communications Workers of America (CWA) demands nothing short of a fair contract that our dedicated members rightfully deserve!

For years, CWA's hardworking members at Avaya have poured their blood, sweat and tears into building careers with retirement on the horizon. These are careers marked by dedication and commitment and we will not stand idly by as Avaya tries to undermine the rights and benefits we've fought tooth and nail for over decades!

Avaya, it's time you understand the gravity of the situation. You sit at the bargaining table, not as an ally, but as an adversary attacking the very core of what our members hold dear. The Company has unleashed a relentless assault on our retirement plans, termination pay, seniority, the outsourcing of our work, our medical benefits, our union rights and our job security. This is nothing short of an affront to the hardworking men and women who make Avaya successful day in and day out.

But we want Avaya to hear us loud and clear:  WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

Our bargaining team will not waver, will not compromise and will not accept anything less than a fair contract. We are resolute in our determination to protect the rights and benefits that our members have earned through decades of dedication and hard work.

Just last week we sent out a strike authorization vote to our members and, today, we are proud to announce that the results are in. The message from our members is unequivocal:  they have overwhelmingly authorized a strike if it becomes necessary to secure a fair contract!

This is not a decision we take lightly but it is a testament to the unwavering spirit and unity of our members. We stand together, shoulder to shoulder, prepared to take whatever action is required to ensure justice prevails.

Now is the time to mobilize! Reach out to your CWA Local President and the mobilization team to get the latest information and participate in events. Let's show unwavering support for our courageous bargaining committee as they fight relentlessly for every CWA member and their families at Avaya!

We are stronger together and, together, we will win this battle for fairness and justice. Stay strong, stay united and never forget:  the power of the workers can move mountains.

In Solidarity,


Brian Sawyer, Staff Representative

Sandra Strain, CWA Local 6016

Richard Chittenden, CWA Local 6215