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CWA Gears Up to Tackle Income Inequality

Earlier this month, CWAers in District 1 participated in the CWA Reversing Runaway Income Inequality Training (RRI). Members at CWA Local 1032 learned about the growing gap between the super-rich and ordinary workers, how the 1% uses race to divide working people, and how we can fight back against inequality and level the economic playing field.

The training was led by long-time member trainers Elijah Zimmerman (CWA Local 1109) and Chris O’Shea (CWA Local 1104), with new trainer Kathi Cooley (CWA Local 1033). A similar training also took place last week, which included members from nearby CWA Locals 1036 and 1085, hosted by Local 1033.

From CWA Local 1032, nearly a dozen participants signed up for a 2-day Political Activism Bootcamp, which will further prepare them to take part in, and possibly lead, future Legislative and Political actions.

Follow this link to sign up for RRI training in your area.

CWA D1 Runaway Inequality
CWA Local 1032 hosted a Reversing Runaway Income Inequality Training where members learned about income inequality, how the 1% divides the working class, and how workers can level the playing field.


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