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December 2022 Bargaining Round-Up

23 Dec, 2022

Comcast Corliss

The CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Committee reports that the membership overwhelmingly ratified the agreement reached with Comcast for the Corliss bargaining unit. The new agreement includes salary adjustments, annual general wage increases, a ratification bonus, and improvements to holidays, PTO accruals. Congratulations to the Bargaining Committee and members! 


Delaware State 911 and Civilian Workers

Negotiations opened with the State of Delaware over the 911 and Civilian Worker contracts. The Local 13101 Bargaining Committee reported:

The state emphasized how important it was to them to get to a fair contract as soon as possible. With that being said they showed up with zero proposals for us. They have had how long to prepare, and they still did not have one proposal for the union. We passed over five proposals and they left saying they will review them and they will have a response at the next bargaining. I find it unbelievable, and to be honest disrespectful to the members that are left that the state showed up with zero proposals it just goes to show they don't care.

Reach out to the Local for the latest news.


Kent County

The Local 13101 Bargaining Committee reached a Tentative Agreement with the Kent County Levy Court over the wastewater treatment employees this month, and members overwhelmingly voted to ratify the contract. The new agreement includes:

  1. A four year contract expire in 2026
  2. Juneteenth and any other official holidays were added
  3. An additional personal day
  4. The on-call pay was increased from $150-$245 which may be prorated per day should the employee choose to share the assigned days in a given week
  5. Compensation leave for funeral services were updated
  6. Shoe allowance was increased from 400 to 500 except for laboratory which was increased from 200 to 300
  7. We were able to get them to agree to change the longevity bonus to a lump sum
  8. A $2000 signing bonus.

Congratulations to the Bargaining Committee and members!


Newtown Township

Negotiations with the Township over the municipal workers contract continue. The Local 13000 Bargaining Committee is holding meetings to update the membership and continues to fight for a fair contract as the December 31 contract expiration date approaches. Stay in touch with your Local Rep for the latest news.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The strike at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is holding steady this month. After several bargaining sessions between the company and the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh (TNG-CWA Local 38061), the Union and allies remain steadfast in the fight for better working conditions at the Post-Gazette. 

CWA took the fight to C-SPAN this month. CWA National reported

CWA’s Executive Board sent a letter to C-SPAN this week calling for the immediate removal of Allan Block, Chairman and CEO of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s parent company, Block Communications, from C-SPAN’s Board of Directors. In the letter directed to C-SPAN’s Executive Committee, CWA points to Block’s continued irresponsibility and biased behavior as directly contradicting C-SPAN's commitment to neutrality.

In addition to refusing to provide his workers at the Post-Gazette with basic necessities like healthcare and raises, Block made headlines last month for swearing at and slapping a union representative with a bag of food after being asked why he refuses to come to a fair agreement with his Post-Gazette workers. His behavior also includes supporting the January 6 insurrection and attempting to sway reporting to be pro-Trump.

In conjunction with CWA’s letter, Post-Gazette workers launched a petition demanding Block’s removal from C-SPAN’s Board. Earlier this week, striking CWA members at the Post-Gazette, joined by CWA members from locals 13500 and 1168, held a powerful rally to demand a fair contract. CWA Local 1168 members traveled from Buffalo, N.Y., to show their support.

workers rally in PIttsburgh for striking Post-Gazette members

Striking CWA Members at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette were joined by CWA members from locals 13500 and 1168 at a rally to demand a fair contract.

There are several ways to support our striking members in their fight this season:

Check out our members and allies on the picket line: 


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Strike

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