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Duquesne Club 2022 Bargaining: Report #3

23 Sep, 2022

The CWA Local 13500 Bargaining Team reports:

We Are Worth It

Bargaining has entered the final and most difficult stage towards settlement. Wages remain the toughest sticking point in coming to an agreement.

Our message has been loud and clear;

We Are Worth It

In a demonstration of solidarity of every Duquesne Club Union Member, in support of one another, we will be wearing our WE Are Worth It buttons at work and at the Bargaining Table until a fair agreement is reached.

Bargaining continues today and into next week and for as long as it takes to achieve a fair deal. Your support is critically important, helpful and appreciated.


We remain in solidarity;

Your Bargaining Team

Cindy Neumeyer, 13500 EVP

Robin Bingle Chief Steward

John Petrini CWA Staff Representative


Check out the report here:

Sep 23, 2022


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