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February 2020 Bargaining Round-Up

28 Feb, 2020


After weeks of bargaining, the CWA Local 13000 Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement with Atlantic Broadband. The Bargaining Team reported the following achievements in the new, 3-year contract:

STOPPED company proposals attacking the following:

  • Complete elimination of double time from the contract (Company withdrew)
  • Scheduled Sundays at employee’s basic straight pay rate (Withdrawn)
  • Fewer techs allowed off on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas (Withdrawn)
  • Lower pay for work performed on holidays (Withdrawn)
  • Waiver of arbitration rights for HR matters (Withdrawn)
  • The right to suspend bargained for rights by suspending the contract during periods of extreme weather (Withdrawn)
  • Extending reserve vacation time to 10 days (We fought this proposal down to 3 day notice)

GAINED the following:

  • Annual wage increases of 3% on March 1, 2020, 3% on March 1, 2021 and 3% on March 1, 2022
  • A letter agreement added to the contract that brings the company to the table to meet with your Union leaders to resolve issues with work scheduling and overtime distribution
  • Additional Standby pay with increases in each of the next 3 years
  • 30 minute notice to use Floating Holidays
  • Improved layoff allowance
  • Quarterly meetings with the company to address questions and concerns with contract labor usage
  • Improved inclement weather language
  • Increased tool and uniform allowance
  • Improved bereavement leave
  • Introduction of training language to the contract

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, the bargaining unit overwhelmingly ratified the contract. Great work!


AT&T MOBILITY (Southwest)

This month, Local 13000 members at AT&T Mobility stood in solidarity with our brothers and sisters fighting for a fair contract at AT&T Mobility in the southwest. CWA announced that a Tentative Agreement was reached this month!


Take a look at all our photos here.



The CWA Local 13101 Bargaining Committee reached a Tentative Agreement with Kent County Levy Court. The Agreement was ratified this month! As the Bargaining Committee reports: "The new agreement provides significant improvements in Wages, Shift Differentials, Attendance Awards, Call Out provisions, Clothing Allowance, Promotion Language, and Overtime (Vacation time will now be considered Work Time for Overtime calculation)."

We congratulate the Bargaining Committee and our hardworking members in Kent County!

Read the full Final Bargaining Report.



In the latest report from Nokia negotiations, the Bargaining Team reports:

The Company and Union Bargaining Teams met yesterday and are scheduled to meet again today. The bargaining teams agreed to pause formal bargaining sessions to meet informally to discuss the new “Nokia World” and to explore ways that the Installation workforce could exist inside of this new leaner and more mobile workforce. While the Union feels that this model is simply another iteration of “recycled transformation”, we are committed to pushing for an Installation bargaining unit inside of Nokia. Discussions included the Installation Skill Classification Plan, Benefit Plans and Programs, unique customer needs, projected work forecast and the Union’s ideas for continued use of Installers. Once we resume formal negotiations we will advise the membership and will resume posting bargaining reports. In the meantime we are still under status quo for all terms of employment including wages and benefits.

Visit CWA's Telecommunications and Technologies page for the latest Nokia news.

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