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July 2023 Bargaining Round Up

American Airlines – Passenger Service Agents

The CWA-IBT Bargaining Team met in July, and CWA reports:

In a recent discussion between passenger service agents’ bargaining teams and American Airlines CEO Robert Isom, he committed to reaching an agreement with our union that is competitive in the industry and not concessionary. Members of the CWA-IBT Association across the country are mobilizing to hold the company to that commitment.

During the latest bargaining session, the bargaining committee and the company exchanged proposals and made progress on several articles. However, the bargaining committee is still waiting for the company’s response on a proposal from October that covers job security and is absolutely necessary to reach an agreement before moving on to the next phase of bargaining.

Apart from contract bargaining, the passenger service agents are fighting for additional improvements, including changes in the uniform policy to allow for tattoos and piercings, as well as improvements to the attendance policy. Additional updates can be found at


In July, the AVAYA Bargaining Committee opened negotiations over the successor agreement with AVAYA following an extension of the agreement. The Committee reports:

Virtual and In-Person Negotiations:  Recognizing the importance of flexibility and inclusivity, we have adopted a hybrid approach for our bargaining meetings. This approach combines both virtual and in-person sessions, allowing us to maximize the efficiency of our discussions. Virtual meetings have proven to be convenient and accessible, while in-person meetings provide invaluable opportunities for direct engagement and fostering a sense of unity among us all.

Positive Developments and Mutual Interest:  We are pleased to report that the discussions at the bargaining table have been positive. Both the Union Bargaining Committee and the company representatives have expressed a mutual interest in working towards a contract that meets the needs of all stakeholders. This collaborative spirit sets a promising foundation for achieving a fair and beneficial agreement for our members at Avaya.

Union Proposals for Improvement:  Throughout the negotiations, our primary focus remains to secure improved economics, job security and retirement security for our members. To ensure that our proposals accurately reflect your priorities, we have thoroughly analyzed the valuable feedback you provided through bargaining surveys. Your input has been instrumental in shaping our negotiation strategy and we are committed to advocating for the best possible outcomes that uphold your rights and enhance your working conditions.

Transparent Communication and Involvement:  We understand the significance of keeping you informed about the progress of negotiations. Regular updates will be shared through official communication channels, including e-mail, newsletters and the union website. Your involvement in union activities and support for the bargaining committee play a crucial role in reinforcing our position at the table. We encourage you to remain engaged and united throughout this process.

Your Support Matters:  We want to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and solidarity. It is your collective strength that empowers us to stand firm and negotiate for a contract that enhances the well-being of every CWA member at Avaya. Together, as a united front, we can achieve positive outcomes that benefit us all.

Next Steps: As negotiations continue, we will keep you informed of any significant developments. Please stay tuned for further updates and remain active in participating in union activities.

Comcast Alle-Kiski

In July, CWA Local 13000 reported the following from the bargaining table:

We met with the Company the last two days July 13 and 14, 2023 in Carnegie, PA. At this time we have passed several proposals including some based on economics. We are also working to gain a better understanding of company proposals. 

The committee thanks you for your continued support as displayed in the overwhelmingly favorable vote for CWA on June 28, 2023. It gives us additional strength at the table! We will continue to fight to bring a fair contract to you for ratification.

Delaware State Police - 911 and Civilian Workers

This month, members of CWA Local 13101 Delaware State Police Civilian and 911 Bargaining Units have ratified their new three year agreement

The agreement provides for additional time off, vastly improved scheduling for 911 members, and historic wage increases across the board for all members.

Wages are increased immediately by 14% at all schedules and levels, followed by an additional 9% July 2024 and 4% July 2025.

When We Fight, We Win. Congratulations!

Frontier West Virginia

Members voted “YES” to authorize a strike at Frontier as the Bargaining Team met with Frontier throughout July. 

We voted Yes to authorize strike at Frontier sticker

The contract is set to expire on Saturday, August 5, 2023. Negotiations will continue every day. In the latest update, the Bargaining Team reports:

The Union presented proposals on Pension and 401(k) benefits.  The Union also presented a proposal regarding retiree healthcare and life insurance.  The Company presented a revised proposal on Active Employee Benefits. 

The Union requested additional information regarding the Company’s proposal on retiree benefits. The Company continues to provide responses to the Union’s other information requests and the Union has been working to analyze the information that is being provided.

Check out the rest of the report.

Keep in touch with your Local Mobilizer to find out how you can let Frontier know members are united for a strong contract! 

four photos of Frontier members in red with Solidarity messages


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

While the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strikers stand strong on the picket line since October, find out how you can show solidarity. 

For more information on how to support the striking workers, visit and subscribe to the strike paper at

Solidarity sign for Post-Gazette Workers on Strike