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Organizing Updates Around CWA - NRDC

Natural Resources Defense Council

This week, environmental nonprofit workers announced their organizing victory at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The new unit is wall-to-wall, covering more than 350 scientists, attorneys, and workers of all types who will bargain together to make their workplace stronger. The NRDC has agreed to voluntarily recognize their union, represented by Washington-Baltimore News Guild-CWA Local 32035.

"I couldn’t be more proud of this collective accomplishment. Organizing alongside my coworkers in solidarity around our vision for a better NRDC has been a powerful experience,” said Lizzy Kaval, an Equity Alignment and Integration Manager who has been with NRDC since 2014, and one of the union's lead organizers. “Together, we are an unstoppable power house. We are utilizing every means available to us as a union to kickstart that journey at NRDC."

"I am thrilled that the NRDC Union has joined the Communications Workers of America,” said Lauren Phillips, an attorney who has worked at NRDC since 2020. “I love my job at NRDC—every day, I get to work for a healthy and livable planet. And it was my love of my job and this workplace that made me excited to unionize. And I’m especially proud that we organized a wall-to-wall union where everyone will bargain together.”


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