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Piedmont Agents to Get Opportunity to Vote for Union Voice

Washington, D.C. – Nearly 3,000 fleet and passenger service agents at Piedmont Airlines will have the opportunity to vote for union representation by the Communications Workers of America, as CWA filed today with the National Mediation Board for a union election to represent workers at the regional airline.

CWA represents more than 60,000 employees in the airline industry, and agents at Piedmont have been building support among co-workers for a CWA voice for several months.

"About 70 percent of airline workers in the U.S. have union representation, and that means fair treatment, respect and the ability to bargain with management over wages and working conditions," said Marge Krueger, who is coordinating the campaign for CWA. "That’s what Piedmont workers want, too."

After the NMB reviews the cards submitted by CWA, it will set an election date and send voting materials to fleet and passenger agents.