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Red Cross Workers Deserve a Fair Contract

American Red Cross (ARC) workers and allies are gathering across the country this week to demand a fair contract from ARC. Frontline ARC workers are overworked and understaffed. They have endured cuts to health care, have been denied PPE, have faced unsafe working conditions throughout the COVID pandemic, and they are fed up!

On Monday, May 9 in Johnstown, PA, healthcare workers from CWA Local 13000 in Unit 111 joined together to tell ARC that the fight won’t stop until they achieve affordable healthcare, fair wages and safe staffing!



At noon on Wednesday, May 11, essential ARC workers and allies will hold a rally and press conference across from Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, DC as one of many events this week.

If you are unable to participate in an event, then sign the petition and tell ARC our frontline heroes deserve a fair contract!